Grupo Noa International Objavljeno: 08/06/2021
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Osrednjeslovenska, Gorenjska, Podravska, Dolenjska, Savinjska, Pomurje, Koroška, Goriška, Obalna, Notranjsko-kraška, Spodnjeposavska, Zasavska, Tujina


We are looking for a number of Slovenian - English Speaking Interpreters.

Please send your resume.

Contractor requirements:

1. To be available for 5 hours per day.
2. To have worked doing real-time interpretations in the medical field before.
3. Must be Fluent in Slovenian and English - must be fully bilingual
4. Internet connection of 2Mb or more. It cannot be wireless nor through a data card. You should also test that you do not have a latency of over 100ms. You can test these requirements running a simple test at
5. Headset: This headset can be simple, but it must connect to your computer via USB. This is to ensure proper phone behavior and call quality.

Please send your application with your cv and a cover letter that includes the language level you have (should be 90% or above) to the email or add our HR on Skype:  karen.salazar30:
1. The language level that you have (should be 90% or above)

Set an appointment here:

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